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Daily Meditation



The meditation rooms at Tearmann provide ample space for quiet solitude and/or group meditation.

Our Sanctuary is surrounded by the beautiful nature that is the Glendalough Valley. During meditation the environment may help the participants to achieve a deeper state of mindfulness and carry this renewed sense back home to integrate into normal day to day life.


Sound Bath Therapy:

In an increasingly busy and stressful life, there is a need to be able to switch off and tune into our self, our body and our mental health through relaxation.

It has been identified by healthcare professionals
that stress is one of the most common underlying causes of illness. The benefits of sound healing occur on a cellular level, rippling out to also impact the physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the energy system. It can support better sleep, a reduction in
anxiety and stress levels, physical and energetic blocks, and personal development.
Sound sessions in both group and 1:1 settings can provide a safe environment to both experience
deep relaxation and the opportunity to learn how to manage our stress levels more successfully. 1:1
sound sessions are individually tailored to the client making for a unique experience for each person.
Sessions should be booked in advance to ensure availability.


Heather Muir


 Aug 28, Sept 8 & 25, Oct. 13 & 30, Nov. 10 & 27, Dec 1 & 11 


Retreat Facilitation



Organisations and Individuals are invited to host their own group retreats within the facilities at Tearmann in conjunction with our on-site staff.

Please be sure to book well in advance to guarantee availability of space, facilities and dates. We offer WIFI links, HD Monitors, HD CD/Audio player and administrative support.


Please find more specific details for retreat room by clicking on Iontas here.

For bookings please call or email. 


Guided Walking Retreats



Each month we offer a minimum of four walking retreats in conjunction with Wicklow Wellness Walks.


Numbers are limited. Early advance booking is advised. 

Paschal Gannon and/or Michael Rodgers offer pre-booked reflective guided walks around the iconic monastic city. 

Booking 48 hours in advance: Email:


Phone: +353 85 250 1706



Creative Arts
& Mindfulness



to Celtic Spirituality

As part of every programme, participants can avail of

Daily Mass:


(Execpt Saturdays


holiday times TBC)


Fr. Michael Rodgers offers a unique catholic mass and take on Celtic Spirituality based on the Creation Model in Glendalough. 


for Carers

The Care for Carers retreats at Tearmann will provide an opportunity to explore and express the difficulties and challenges all carers encounter in their personal and professional lives.     There will be time to share and debrief in a safe and sacred space, through unconditional listening and an authentic connection with others who have similar experiences of working and caring deeply for others.

Contemplative practices such as meditation, guided visualisation and reflective writing will be utilised to assist carers to reconnect with their initial heart-felt motivation to care for and alleviate the suffering of others. Self-care and self-compassion are intertwined and assist us in maintaining our emotional and psychological well-being.

Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned and developed, assisting us in gaining perspective of our personal and professional world, and building resilience in these challenging and uncertain times. Time to reset, rest, reflect and walk in the beautiful surroundings of Glendalough with the support of experienced educators/trainers in the field of end- of life and spiritual care.


Katie O'Connell (Clinical Nurse Specialist/Educator/Trainer in EOLC & Spiritual Care)

& Guest Presenters

Sept: 24-26, 2021

Nov 26-28, 2021

Fee per weekend course:

Euro: 180

On Site Self Catering Accommodation Booked Separately

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