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Here at Tearmann we offer a number of different reflective retreat programmes. These retreats offer a wide variety of grounding skills and techniques that will be of benefit long past the stay at Tearmann. You can experience Kinesiology, Massage, a Sound Bath, Art Therapy, Guided Meditation, Photography and Guided Walking Retreats. Please find details below.

Silent Retreats



Silent Retreats

The layout of Tearmann’s three separate lodges, coupled with the adjacent Retreat room Iontas, provide ample space for quiet solitude and/or group meditation.

Our Sanctuary is surrounded by the beautiful nature that is the Glendalough Valley. During the Silent Retreat the environment may help the participants to achieve a deeper state of mindfulness and carry this renewed sense back home to integrate into normal day to day life.


Tearmann offers high speed WIFI to each apartment making interactive virtual connectivity to worldwide retreats and workshops possible.

Available All Year


Retreat Facilitation

Organisations and Individuals are invited to host their own group retreats within the facilities at Tearmann in conjunction with our on-site staff.

Please be sure to book well in advance to guarantee availability of space, facilities and dates. We offer WIFI links, HD Monitors, HD CD/Audio player and administrative support.


Please find more specific details for retreat room by clicking on Iontas here.

Dates: Available on Request 


Guided Walking Retreats

Each month we offer a minimum of four walking retreats. These vary in length from 2 - 4 hours with occasional day long retreats of approximately 6 hours. You will be guided along the various walks around this spectacular Glacial Valley. Each route includes meditative reflections, historical, archeological and environmental points of interest while capturing the serene beauty of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. The length, notable features and gradation of route difficulty are set out in advance for individual assessment. Advice on clothing, footwear and other essentials are also highlighted. Routes vary in grade from easy to difficult.

​These retreats are limited to 10 people.

Dates: Available on Request


Creative Arts

& Mindfulness

Specific art workshops are available for advance booking and are both educational and experiential. These additional programmes are designed to enhance the overall benefit of an individual’s retreat experience at Tearmann.

Programmes will involve instruction on Photography, Painting, Creative Writing and Experiential Sound Baths to name but a few. Advance requests for specific art programmes can be facilitated as well as workshops in Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates Qi Gong etc. 

Sound Bath Therapy:


 Sept 25, Oct. 13 & 30, Nov. 10 & 27, Dec 1 & 11 



to Celtic Spirituality

Michael Rodgers offers a unique take on Celtic Spirituality based on the Creation Model in Glendalough. He has developed this over his 25 Years of running the spiritual retreat programmes at Tearmann. Visitors will be taken on both a physical and spiritual journey where his own Octogenarian wisdom is interspersed with enlightening recitations from well renowned Irish poets such as Patrick Kavanagh and John O’Donahue.

Participant numbers dictate the schedule and must be pre-booked. This programme is limited to 8 people maximum.



for Carers

These Wellness Retreats are specifically tailored to groups who wish to spend a minimum of 3 days in a residential stay at Tearmann. This retreat is primarily aimed at those who work in the caring profession, companies and institutions who can facilitate their workers or managers to take time out in a safe and nurturing environment. Time is set aside to learn or re-learn techniques and awareness of how to improve one’s own mental and physical wellbeing. In doing so, the participants can return to work with a more focused perspective on how to live a more integrated and holistic life.

The Retreat can be comprised of modules including Meditation, Mindfulness, Counselling, Massage, Reflection, Reiki, Group Discussion, Somatic movement exercise and guided walks.

Group sizes are limited to 10 and programmes are specifically designed in conjunction with the visiting organisations keeping in mind the needs of the specific individuals and groups.

Dates: Sept 24-26th

& Nov 26-28th 

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