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This policy statement outlines our Privacy Policy practices in connection with Tearmann Retreat and Wellness Centre website.


At Tearmann we respect the privacy of our guests and visitors.

The privacy of any information you submit for example through our booking process or via direct email is the only information that we require.


This statement outlines how we use the information you provide to us and how this information is subsequently used. It relates entirely to this website and any links to external websites will be clearly identified. We take no responsibility for the information contained within those websites nor their privacy policies.

Any of the information submitted by you via the above formats will be stored and used strictly in accordance with current EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) covering the collection, use, and retention of Personal Information in relation to persons from other EU Member Countries. Here in Ireland the right to collection, storage and use of such information is legislated for under the Data Protection Act 2018


Personal Information Collection, Storage and Use.


When you are making a booking or an email enquiry, our system records your Internet Protocol (IP) address. The Date, the Time, number of times, pages visited, browser type and cookies information.

We use this information to analyse website traffic or hits and for Tearmann specific remarketing on a small but select number of websites. Your name and address or other personal details do not form part of this analysis or remarketing.


We do not sell, rent or loan our contact lists to any 3rd party. Unless you opt out we will only send you emails concerning upcoming offers or notable Tearmann diary dates. You can at any point unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Any of the previously mentioned stored data, is held on our server in an encrypted format, and maintained by the website host company behind a secure and constantly monitored  Firewall.

We do not store information for longer than is necessary and we certainly will not share your personal data with any other company. Our aim in collecting certain personal information is simply to provide you the user with the highest level of service that we can.

If at any time prior to, or during the enquiry process you feel that you need clarification on this policy, our details are on the final section. ‘Contacting us in relation to this document’

Communications from Tearmann website

Here at Tearmann we pride ourselves on continually updating and improving the Product and Services that we offer and as such we would like from time to time to make you aware of these updates.

Those whom have chosen not to ‘opt out’ will from time to time receive information on our services updates, periodical newsletter and any special deals that may be scheduled for future dates. The User will always ne offered a choice to ‘opt out’ or unsubscribe from our mailing list as part of every email sent. Similarly, within the Newsletter there will also be an option to unsubscribe.


Updates to this Policy and Your Rights under GDPR

We at Tearmann reserve the right to update or modify this policy by posting it on this website. You have the right, and should, from time to time check our policy page for any modifications or updates.

During the time that we are processing or in retention of the above-mentioned personal data you also have the right to the following.

  • The right to have your personal data protected.

  • The right to have your data processes in a fair and legal way.

  • The right to access your data.

  • The right to correction or supplementation of your data.

  • The right of retention of your personal data.

  • The right to erasure of personal information.

  • The right to restrict the use of data.

  • The right to object to how your data is being used.

  • The right to ‘portability’ or the way in which your information is moved, copied or transferred.

  • The right to be informed.

  • The right of objection to automated decision making

  • The right to complain to the Data Protection Commission.



In the event that you wish to lodge a complaint in relation to the storage use or processing of your personal data whilst interfacing with the Tearmann website. We would first request that you contact Tearmann@

If you are unsatisfied with this outcome, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Office of Data Protection Commissioner.


Contacting us in relation to this policy document.

Postal address.

     Tearmann Retreat and Wellness Center.


     Glendalough. Bray. County Wicklow A98 VK68

Mobile telephone. 


e-mail address.



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