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Following his return from Kenya, Michael began to explore his own roots, a journey that led him eventually to mystical Glendalough. Here Michael spent much time exploring the valley and its story. In doing so he developed a holistic understanding of the shared connection between the human spirit and the universal spirit of creation within nature.

“All my previous experiences led me to explore a universal perspective including the principle that we all come from the one source, that life is one single process of change and development, and that we are bound together at every level from the smallest creature to the name beyond words. My roots are in the natural world which has never ceased to inform and amaze me. My core Christian belief that the love of God living through the eternal Christ Spirit in us gives me boundless hope, endless energy and enthusiasm.''


From this exploration of self and place, Michael developed the Tearmann Retreat Centre. His attentive ear and innate wisdom attracted pilgrims from across the globe as it became apparent that there was a hunger in people for a more natural and soulful expression of spirituality. 


Michael is the co-author of the following books which can be purchased online here and at Tearmann.

With Marcus Losack:

Glendalough, A Celtic Pilgrimage [Columba Press. 1996]

With Gill McCarthy:

Glendalough, A Celtic Soul Journey [Ciúnas Books. 2003]

A Way for the Pilgrim in Glendalough [Orpen Press, 2019]

With Julian Hills:

Glendalough A Reflection [DVD, 2010]

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